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This lovely patient’s chin was precisely sculpted with 2.5ml 💉of fillers by our Glow Up Queen, Nurse Lily. The treatment helped to lengthen and project her chin to balance with the rest of her beautiful face and created more of a V-Shape face appearance. One important thing we want to point out is that while we had only worked on the chin, the entire face was beautified and perfected in a very natural-looking manner. That is the effect of GMA 3D Harmony.⁠⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Cheek Fillers

Cheek filler is a great option to add and replace volume to the cheek area. Depending on the need of the individual patient and thus the placement of fillers we can achieve a number of different things such as creating an impression of a more defined bone structure by injecting in the lateral cheeks or adding volume in the apple cheek area to soften the features and create a “cuter” look. ⁠

When fillers are placed correctly in the cheek area to replenish volume loss, we could also lift the skin and reduce the appearance of skin laxity, tear troughs, smile lines, and jowls and create an overall more youthful appearance.⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Nose & Chin Fillers

GMA 3D Harmony is always about finding that perfect balance between our facial features to aesthetically enhance our appearance in the most natural looking manner. ⁠

GMA sees every face as a unique piece of art and we treat accordingly. We’re not here to change as we respect everyone’s differences and individuality, we’re here to enhance the personality of one’s face.

GMA 3D Harmony Lip Enhancement

✔️ Lips look soft, refreshed, and naturally more volumized
✔️ Enhanced the ratio of the upper and lower lips
✔️ Shortened philtrum (space between the nose and upper lip) for improved facial balance
✔️ The chin appears slightly smaller and more feminine

It’s important to note it’s not just about filling and adding volume to one’s lips, we always look at the individual’s face as a whole to determine the best way to enhance one’s individuality.

GMA 3D Harmony Nose Fillers

Nurse Tran had sculpted the nose to point of perfection, and more importantly, it enhanced facial harmony for a beautiful overall difference. ⁠

The transformation is one of a kind and enhanced the personality of this beauty’s face. The nose is straightened and defined and transformed to a classy, sloping upturned nose :)⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Botox Crow’s Feet

This patient came to us with a concern regarding his crow’s feet. Crow’s feet is the term we used to describe the wrinkles and fine lines at the outer corner of one’s eye.⁠

This kind of wrinkle is known as a dynamic wrinkle. Dynamic wrinkles can be caused by regular facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, or each time you raise your eyebrows. Over time with collagen loss, the lines may deepen and become static (visible even without expression). ⁠

This is where Botox comes in. Botox can be an excellent way to treat #crowsfeet and prevent them from becoming more visible.⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Tear Trough Fillers

💁🏻‍♀️ This patient went from pretty to prettier & more youthful, immediately after the GMA 3D Harmony Tear Trough Treatment. By filling carefully and precisely, we corrected the hollowness below the eyes and improved the appearance of the dark circles.⁠

🗯️ For our tear troughs, we love to use Teosyal Redensity II, a low hygroscopy filler, which helps to avoid the appearance of bumps. This filler is engineered specifically for the under-eye area, containing not just hyaluronic acid but also 14 other essential ingredients to rejuvenate the delicate eyes, which we often say is the window to our soul!⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation

Comming soon

GMA 3D Harmony Tear Trough Fillers

This patient’s customized facial rejuvenation was achieved with the integration of GMA 3D Harmony injectable treatments and a series of Bloody Facial with Subcision.⁠⁠
What we achieved: ⁠⁠
☑️ Corrected the appearance of tear troughs / dark circles and said bye to tired-looking eyes⁠⁠
☑️ Smoother skin texture with significant improvement in atrophic acne scarring⁠⁠
☑️ Firmer and lifted skin and less apparent nasolabial folds (smile lines)⁠⁠
☑️ A brighter and healthier complexion⁠⁠
Thank you so much for allowing us to share your experience with us and it truly makes our day when we see such results.⁠⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Nose Fillers

Liquid rhinoplasty, AKA nose fillers, is a non-surgical, no downtime alternative to surgical rhinoplasty.
At GMA, regardless of background, regardless of ethnicity, we see every face as a unique piece of art. Every patient gives us something different to work with and flexibility and creativity define us here at GMA. #gmaskinexperts

Our goal is to create the most natural & balanced results for our patients such as the one above!

GMA 3D Harmony Nose & Chin Fillers

Honestly, this patient is a unique beauty and had lovely features to begin with. What concerned her and brought her to GMA was mainly the appearance of a dorsal hump and a droopy nose tip. ⁠⁠
What we did over the course of two treatments in one year: ⁠⁠
☑️ Smooth the nose bridge and reduce the appearance of the dorsal hump⁠⁠
☑️ Lifted the tip of the nose⁠⁠
☑️ In her second treatment, we also performed our signature combo, nose and chin GMA 3D Harmony to help project the chin to balance with the nose and the rest of her gorgeous face. ⁠⁠
❤️ Thanks so much for allowing us to share your amazing results with all of our GMALubers!! ⁠⁠

GMA 3D Harmony Nose Fillers

Nose enhancement with dermal fillers is something that our clinic is specialized in and is proud of.⁠

Check out this enhancement Nurse Tran did for this male patient. What do you think of this transformation?⁠