What is GMA 3D Harmony?

GMA 3D Harmony defines our aesthetic beliefs and approach to cosmetic filler injections. To yield natural, beautiful results, we do not look at individual parts and features in isolation, but rather everything as a whole.

GMA 3D Harmony is essentially a system of specialized techniques and methods, combining science and art to help our patients achieve natural-looking facial enhancement and rejuvenation.

Beauty is a work of art

As described by Leonardo Da Vinci, facial harmony is achieved when the face is divided into equal segments and all segments are in proportion. If one segment outweighs another, it will cause facial distortion and throw everything out of balance.

Whenever we make a change to the face, a crucial part of our job is to assess and determine how it will affect overall facial harmony and balance. The last thing we want to do is alter one facial feature in such a way that will put the entire face out of proportion. Only by paying close attention to all segments of the face and individual features, are we able to establish the most aesthetically pleasing results.

GMA Signature Nose & chin fillers

One of our signature dermal filler injections is our nose & chin harmony treatment. 

Our experts have noticed that when these two features are aesthetically enhanced and balanced at the same time, treatment outcomes are heightened with noticeable improvement in the appearance of other features and overall facial shape.

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Results that only fit you

The idea of facial harmony explains why one small change such as a non-surgical lip augmentation can significantly change one’s overall appearance. Using Kylie Jenner as an example, while she looks so beautiful with her relatively large, plump lips, others demanding those exact same pair of lips may end up looking unnatural and overdone. Patients demanding larger lips may not be pleased with results because those lips do not fit the rest of his/her facial features and structure.

When patients come to us requesting a specific cosmetic injection to be done, such as a nonsurgical nose augmentation (aka nose fillers), we will first carefully examine the patient’s facial structure and individual facial features including the jawline and chin projection, lip shape, and cheek bones. Our goal is to create balance between all features and improve and revitalize the patient’s appearance in the most natural-looking, harmonious manner.

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