At GMA, you can expect a personalized experience with our GMA Skin Experts who will go above and beyond to meet your specific skin and beauty needs.

We see every face as a unique piece of art and respect everyone’s individuality. We do not offer cookie-cutter treatments simply because every patient is different and every skin is different and we treat it as such.


A visual skin examination is performed by the skin expert to evaluate the individual patient’s skin conditions and overall skin health.  During examination, the skin expert will look for any signs of hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, acne, scarring, hydration levels, oil flow, pore size, skin texture and wrinkles.   The examination process allows the skin expert to determine the type of treatment(s) required to target the patient’s skin concerns and conditions.

GMA’s skin assessment and consultation begins with a Q&A discussion of the individual patient’s specific skin concerns and goals, expectations, timeline, lifestyle, and skincare knowledge. The discussion will allow the skin expert to understand about the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that may affect the patient’s skin on a daily basis. Common factors include: hormonal influences, genetics, diet, medication, smoking, skincare and makeup. The learn process provides the skin expert with insight into the patient’s skin deficiencies, needs and treatment suitability.

Prioritizing the patient’s main concerns and skin conditions and taking into consideration the individual’s lifestyle, expectations and budget, the skin expert will prescribe a personalized treatment plan that will work best and generate the most satisfying results.

At GMA, we abide by an integrated approach when it comes to achieving and preserving healthy, beautiful looking skin; an integration that involves in clinic treatments and daily. The prescribed in-clinic treatments and medical-grade skincare will work in harmony to repair compromised skin, target specific skin conditions and support the patient’s long-term skin health for optimal and enduring results. 

During the Prescribe process, the skin expert will ensure that the patient understands the treatment plan thoroughly. The skin expert will explain to the patient what treatments and skincare and why and address any potential risks, downtime and aftercare required. The skin expert will also manage patient expectations with regards to downtime and when to expect results. A clear understanding of the prescribed plan and patient involvement will maximize treatment potentials. 

We educate to equip our patients with the proper knowledge to preserve youthful and healthy-looking skin. We empower our patients to take charge of their long-term skin health. In addition to skincare and treatments, there are many other influences and factors that play a major role in affecting the skin, and we are more than happy to share helpful tips to bring the best skin out of everyone.