What is PDO Smooth Thread?

An innovative skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the precise and strategic insertion of PDO threads under the skin to smooth, plump, and strengthens the skin for improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, elasticity, and overall skin texture.

Gradual, Ongoing Skin Rejuvenation with PDO Smooth Threads

While there may be some immediate improvement in the skin’s appearance after insertion of PDO Smooth Threads, the results will continue to improve in the ensuing weeks and months as the unique nature of the PDO sutures stimulate neocollagenesis and neovascularization.

The medical suture is used as a means of creating tiny injuries in the skin in areas that have seen the effects of aging and damage(i.e., acne scarring). As the body naturally heals and expels the sutures, structural proteins (collagen and elastin) are directed to the treatment site to repair and rebuild damaged tissues, improving the dermal environment for healthier, more youthful skin.

The threads naturally dissolve in the skin in approximately 6-8 months and are replaced by new collagen and connective tissues.

PDO Smooth Threads: Safe, Effective, Innovative Non-surgical treatment

PDO threads are absorbable medical-grade sutures made of polydioxanone. These sutures have over a decade long of safety track record in surgical and wound closure. More recently, PDO thread procedures have gained its popularity in the aesthetics industry as patients seek safe, effective, and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As with surgical sutures, PDO threads can be safely inserted virtually anywhere on the face or body where the patient may need some smoothing, tightening, and/or plumping.

What areas can you treat with smooth threads?

Various PDO threads and specialized techniques can be applied depending on the patient’s needs and treatment area(s). 

Smooth threads are commonly used to treat the following areas of concern:

• Filling & reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds (smile lines)

• Smoothing forehead lines and glabellar lines(frown lines)

• Reducing acne scars and other scars for improvement in overall skin texture

Tightening skin and reducing the appearance of a double chin

• Improving necklines and laxity

• Improving the appearance of lines around the mouth and marionettes

• Enhancing the shape of lips by adding curve and definition, primarily to the cupid’s bow area of the upper lip

• Tightening and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes, minimizing the appearance of crow’s feet and crepey skin under the eyes.

Am i a good fit for pDO Smooth Thread?

PDO Smooth Threads are ideal for patients who are looking to reverse the clock and improve the overall firmness and texture of their skin.It is suitable for individuals who have experienced some collagen loss and have mild fine lines and wrinkles and/or uneven skin texture. Depending on the patient’s skin concerns and goals, Smooth Threads can be effectively integrated with other anti-aging treatments such as microneedling, lasers, Botox, or fillers to treat a wider range of skin concerns and deliver optimal, synergistic results.

How many PDO Smooth Thread treatments do you need?

The number of treatments recommended by our skin experts and cosmetic injectors will be based on various factors including the patient’s age, collagen levels in the skin and specific skin concerns and goals. Typically, for patients with more youthful skin and more collagen in the skin, 1 treatment may be sufficient, followed by maintenance once a year.For patients with more mature and/or damaged skin, up to 3 monthly treatments may be recommended, followed by a maintenance treatment once a year.

How long does PDO Smooth Thread result last?

The threads naturally dissolve in the skin in approximately 6-8 months and are replaced by new collagen and connective tissues, hence allowing results to last for 1 year or longer. Maintenance and touch up once a year is recommended.

How is PDO Smooth Thread procesure done?

STEP 1: Preparation and numbing:

After the treatment area is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, local anesthetics will be administered to help minimize discomfort during treatment.

STEP 2: Thread insertion:

Following numbing, PDO threads are inserted via a needle or cannula(blunt tip needle) and placed strategically under the skin.

Does the procedure hurt?

Lidocaine is administered prior to insertion of threads to help limit discomfort during procedure. Following Smooth Thread treatment, the patient may feel tenderness at treatment site for up to 2 weeks.

Is there any downtime for PDO Smooth Thread?

The downtime is typically minimal and patients can return to work the following day. It is normal to experience up to a few weeks of tenderness and discomfort at the treatment site. Mild bruising and swelling may occur, which will typically subside on their own within a few weeks at most.

Does pDO Thread Lift Hurt?

Lidocaine is injected prior to insertion of threads to help limit discomfort during the procedure. Following thread lift, the patient may feel tenderness for up to 2 weeks. 

PDO Thread lift or pDO Smooth Thread

PDO Thread Lift involves insertion of barbed PDO threads into the deeper layers of the skin to instantly lift and tighten mild to moderate sagging tissues to reverse the effects of aging. The treatment can help redefine the jawline area and restore a more youthful V-shape face appearance.

PDO Smooth Thread involves the use of non-barbed PDO threads that are inserted more superficially for the purpose of smoothing, plumping and strengthening of skin.This treatment addresses fine lines, scarring and other textural concerns. Smooth threads can also be used to create a more defined upper lip border.

These two main types PDO Thread treatments are commonly performed together to target a wider range of skin concerns and enhance the results of one another. Both types of threads create micro injuries in the skin to stimulate neocollagenes is to help rebuild and repair damaged tissues.

Dermal Fillers or PDO Smooth Thread

At a glance, these treatments may seem to treat similar skin concerns, however they target the skin and affect the aging process with unique approaches. Often times, the treatments can be integrated to increase overall treatment efficacy.

PDO Smooth Thread is used to smooth and plump the skin and improve textural concerns. Results are generally more subtle in the beginning and will gradually improve as the inserted threads stimulate collagen and elastin production over time.

Dermal fillers are used to “fill” areas of the face where patients have experienced collagen and/or fat loss or simply want to shape and add volume to specific facial parts such as the nose and lips for aesthetic purposes.

While PDO smooth threads help plump the skin, it doesn’t provide the same extent of volume replacement as dermal fillers. Integrating the two treatments may be beneficial to not only volumize the skin but also increase the skin’s elasticity over time as the threads stimulate gradual collagen production.

Anti-wrinkle Injections or pDO Smooth Thread

It is important to note when it comes to Anti-wrinkle Injection vs. Smooth Threads for the reduction of expression lines, the answer is usually both.
Anti-wrinkle injection involves blocking the chemical signals from nerves that instruct our facial muscles to move. Doing so, improves the appearance of expression wrinkles such as forehead lines and glabellar lines. As our skin ages and collagen levels decrease, each facial expression increases the chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles as the skin gradually loses its ability to bounce back into its original position. It is important to note that while anti-wrinkle injection impedes muscle contractions to smooth the expression fine lines and wrinkles, it doesn’t increase the skin’s collagen levels and elasticity. This is where smooth threads can come in to enhance overall results.
The PDO sutures will induce collagen production to plump the skin and fill expression lines and wrinkles. To find out which treatments are most suitable for you based on your specific skin’s needs and concerns, and aesthetic goals, please book a complimentary consultation with one of our skin experts.

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