✨Double The MAGIC, Double The GLOW 

Happy 2023 GMALubers!

With sparkling and glowing skin, let’s walk into the new year in style. If you haven’t met our new BFFs, let us introduce them to you…

The Sparkle & Glow Duo:

A special kind of alliance between two powerful antiaging treatments – The
PicoSure Pro + Glass Skin Booster.

#1 The Sparkling Process

To make it sparkle, the unwanted pigment in the skin is
lifted and cleared for an overall brighter, healthier, and
more even skin tone. This process is achieved with the
PicoSure Pro – the latest and most powerful 755nm
picosecond laser for the treatment of
hyperpigmentation while stimulating collagen
production and improving the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne scars.

#2 The Glowing Process

To make it glow, the skin is deeply hydrated and
nourished to the point it can’t help but look so dewy,
delicate, and pore-less. This process is achieved with
the Glass Skin Booster – an innovative skin injectable
procedure that precisely delivers a high concentration
of hyaluronic acid as well as a cocktail of essential
nutrients for that healthy, hydrated, glass skin.


The Sparkle & Glow Duo
1x PicoSure Pro + 1x Glass Skin Booster
$1398 (value $1730)

The Sparkle & Glow Duo System
3x PicoSure Pro + 3x Glass Skin Booster
$4150 (value $5190)
Gift with System Purchase

The Sparkle & Glow Duo System comes with ONE free Yellowbeam Laser (value $700), which will work harmoniously with the PicoSure Pro & Glass Skin Booster to unlock your skin’s full sparkle & glow

Special terms & conditions apply. Offer expires: 01/31/23

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