what is the royale peptide facial?

The Royale Peptide Facial, developed by GMA Clinic, is a 45-minute advanced treatment designed to smooth, firm and tighten the skin for a more fresh and youthful appearance. With the synergy of skin-reinforcing peptides and essential vitamins infused deeply in the skin where it is needed most, the treatment induces collagen and elastin production and prevents and reverses visible signs of photo-ageing including fine lines and wrinkles and loose skin. This antiaging treatment also normalizes and regulates the skin’s natural processes and functions and restores a healthy skin climate.


We recommend 6 to 12 consistent treatments for ultimate, regenerative results. The benefits of the treatment include:

✔️ Skin tightening and lifting

✔️ Increased elasticity and firmness of the skin

✔️ Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

✔️ Reduction in the appearance of loose skin

✔️ Increased hydration levels to combat dry and dehydrated skin
✔️ Reverses visible signs of photoaging
✔️ Promote long-term skin health

the super 3 in royal peptide infusion

There are 3 key ingredients, all of which are potent, skin-changing peptides, in the Royale Peptide infusion that work in synergy to induce collagen and elastin fiber production and maintain adequate hydration levels in the skin.

Peptide #1: Matrixyl 3000
This ingredient is a synthetic combination of seven natural amino acids. It stimulates the DNA of the fibroblasts (skin cell that produces collagen and elastin) in the skin to create collagen I and III and builds up more elastin fibres in the dermis.

Peptide #2: Trylagen
Trylagen assists in maintaining healthy and youthful collagen (collagen Type 1). This peptide acts on all stages of the collagen life cycle:

  • It stimulates the synthesis of collagen
  • Controls the dimensions of the fibers – organization of collagen and elastin fibers
  • It inhibits enzymatic degradation of collagen and elastin fibers – protection of collagen and elastin fiber

Trylagen also helps to prevent glycation. Glycation is a condition in aging where our diets have very high levels of sugars and these sugars in our dermis will bind to the collagen and elastin fibers and they will make them brittle and break.

Peptide #3: Matrixyl Synthe 6
A Peptide that helps to create visibly smoother and plumper skin. It ensures optimal architecture of skin tissue. This ingredient works at the dermal level. Enzymes will breakdown our hyaluronic acid (HA). We need HA to maintain hydration and the plumpness and support of the skin. This ingredient helps to prevent the degradation of our hyaluronic acid.

The process

Step 1: Signature Deep Cleanse & Preparation

The facial begins with GMA’s signature double cleanse and microexfoliation to thoroughly clean and remove the skin of excessive oil, dirt and impurities. Proper preparation of skin is always required to ensure the most effective penetration of peptides and other active ingredients during the infusion process.


Step 2: Precise, Targeted Antiaging Peptide Infusion in Focus Area

Depending on the patient’s unique skin needs and concerns, using our state-of-the-art electro-sonic technology, the medical aesthetician will perform precise and targeted peptide infusion in one of the three focus areas:

  1. 1. Forehead and frown lines
  2. 2. Eyes wrinkles and crow’s feet
  3. 3. Mouth and smile lines

*Please note if the patient needs, we may target more than one focus area for additional time (10 minutes per area) and cost ($20 per area).


Step 3: Stimulate, Lift & Tighten with High-frequency, Sonic Energy

We use the latest in beauty technology, a high-frequency sonic device to massage and stimulate collagen production and lift the tighten skin in the face and neck area. This process encompasses comfort, luxury and results.

Step 4: The Peptide Cocktail & Alginate Mask Application

To complete this zero-downtime anti aging treatment, the medical aesthetician will apply a specialized peptide and vitamin cocktail on the patient’s skin to rebuild and maintain youthful and healthy skin, followed by alginate mask application to calm, soothe and further the penetration of the active ingredients (with a specialized technology known as field iontophoresis).

The Royale Peptide Infusion Add-On

10 minutes of precise, targeted antiaging peptide infusion per focus area (forehead and frown lines, eyes and crow’s feet, and mouth and smile lines) may be integrated and done in conjunction with other advanced facials to get more done in less time.

The patient may integrate this add-on with the Hollywood FacialHydraGlow FacialMummy Cool Peel or DetoxGlow Peel.

To learn more about the Royale Peptide Facial and determine treatment suitability, please book a complimentary skin assessment and consultation with one of our skin experts.

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