what is skin brightening?

Skin whitening is a highly sought-after cosmetic treatment that involves lightening and brightening of the skin. The procedure will also treat skin discolouration (hyperpigmentation) and promote a healthier, brighter and more even skin tone.

what determines skin colours? how does it work?

The diversity of human skin colour is primarily determined by the total amount of melanin (pigment) produced by pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes. The more significant amount of melanin produced, the darker the skin. In addition to giving the skin its colour, melanin is known to protect skin from sun damage.
Skin whitening treatment works by reducing the concentration and suppressing the production of melanin (pigment) in the skin.

GMA customized integrative approach

At GMA, we deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to skin whitening and brightening, pairing state-of-the-art technologies with highly effective medical grade skincare, working the skin from the inside out to ensure optimal, enduring results.

In addition to the Yellowbeam laser, we have other specialized procedures that safely and effectively whiten and brighten the skin including: Clear + BrilliantGMA Clear & Yellow Stack AttackHollywood FacialMummy Cool Peel and other Chemical Peels such as the Cosmelan Peel Treatment.

To find out which treatment(s) are suitable for you and will yield the best results, please book a complimentary skin consultation and assessment with one of our skin experts.

laser skin brightening with yellowbeam

The Yellowbeam laser effectively lightens, brightens and creates a more even skin tone. The Yellowbeam’s unique 577nm wavelength targets and destroys unwanted pigment in the skin, which leads to a whitening of the skin. Results can be expected as little as one session, but we generally recommend a minimum of 3 Yellowbeam sessions, performed one month apart, for gradual improvements in skin tone and optimal results. For long-lasting results, maintenance sessions may be required every 6-12 months, depending on the patient’s skin.

other skin brightening treatments at GMA

In addition to the Yellowbeam, we offer other advanced treatments to help control and reduce the effects and symptoms of rosacea including the Hollywood Facial, the Clear + Brilliant, and GMA Clear & Yellow Stack Attack.  

To find out which treatment(s) are suitable for you and will yield the best results, please book a complimentary skin consultation and assessment with one of our skin experts.

underarm skin whitening

In addition to performing skin whitening and brightening treatments on the face, we also have treatments for the body, in particular, the underarm area.

The underarm may appear darker in colour than the surrounding skin as we tend to produce more melanin in this area. Shaving the underarms on a regular basis may also lead to greater production of pigment cells and thus darker skin. The science behind underarm skin whitening is to destroy the unwanted pigment and reduce melanin production in the underarm area.

avoid sun exposure & SPF protection

In order for effective skin whitening and elimination of hyperpigmentation (e.g., sun spots and melasma), it is important to avoid unprotected sun exposure.

When the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time, as a natural defense mechanism against UV damage, melanocytes in the skin will produce more pigment. This causes skin to tan and darken. Not protecting the skin from UV rays may also lead to hyperpigmentation, permanent skin damage and premature aging. Thus, to maintain a lighter, healthier and more even skin tone, we highly recommend patients to apply medical-grade SPF on a regular basis.

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