Treating adult Acne & Acne Scars

women with adult acne and acne scars

Let’s say this aloud: “You don’t need to live with adult acne & stubborn acne scars!”.


Having treated many patients who dealt with acne and/or stubborn acne scars, #GMASkinExperts know how frustrating and devastating these skin concerns can be. But, with advanced skin treatments and customized solutions available within the medical aesthetic field today, achieving healthy clear skin is possible. And we are here to show you the way!

But first, let’s talk about adult acne! 

“Why do I still deal with acne in my 20s and 30s?” – some patients might ask.

Adult acne is acne that persists into adulthood. Some of us are confused because of the myths that acne would eventually phase out as we transition into adulthood. Yet, acne is still here. Some patients have spent thousands of dollars on over-the-counter skincare products that promise them acne-free and scar-free, but only to realize limited results.

So, what causes adult acne?

Adult acne is usually a result of excess sebum production and dead skin buildup, leading to clogged pores and inflammation. Potential contributing factors:

  • Hormone imbalance, stress and menstrual cycle in women which can result in excess oil production
  • Hair & skincare products or makeup that can cause clogged pores and irritation to the skin
  • Lifestyle & diet that can throw off hormone balance and affect oil production or cause inflammation to the body & skin.

How do we treat acne AND acne scars at GMA Clinic with CBD Microneedling Skin Renewal Therapy?

This revolutionary treatment at GMA Clinic combines the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with the collagen-boosting effects of microneedling, targeting breakouts at their source while promoting skin renewal to “fill” atrophic acne scars. 

Learn more about CBD Microneedling Skin Renewal Therapy here.

What are the benefits of CBD Microneedling?

✔️ Calms inflammation and promotes wound healing, reducing redness, irritation, and sensitivity

✔️ Alleviates various inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), and rosacea
✔️ Controls acne breakouts and promotes healthy, clear skin

✔️ Fights free radicals and slows down the skin’s aging process

✔️ Stimulates collagen production, improving fine lines and wrinkles and skin elasticity

✔️ Improves the appearance of acne scarring, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture

✔️ Reduces hyperpigmentation (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun spots, age spots, freckles and melasma) for a brighter, more even skin tone

✔️ Repairs a compromised skin barrier, resulting in healthier, more resilient skin

With these fantastic benefits, CBD Microneedling Skin Renewal has quickly become our patient’s go-to treatment for acne-free and clear skin. Speak to #GMASkinexperts today to see if this treatment is a suitable solution for you!

Okay, but what about the deeper atrophic scars that don’t seem to go away?

It’s not uncommon that some stubborn acne scar lesions remain after completion of microneedling or laser treatments. The good news is that we have additional options to further enhance and finetune results. Innovative medical aesthetic procedures such as Subcision and PDO Smooth Thread can help significantly smoothen the appearance of acne scars. 


What is Subcision?

Subcutaneous incision-less surgery, also known as subcision, is a safe procedure that involves inserting a blunt needle or cannula. It works to reduce the appearance of acne scars by breaking up scar tissues and releasing them from the connection between the scar tissue and the underlying skin. This procedure allows the skin to lift up and, thus, reduces the appearance of scars on the skin surface.

What is PDO Thread Lift?

PDO Smooth Thread is an innovative skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the precise and strategic insertion of PDO threads under the skin to smooth, plump, and strengthen the skin to improve fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, elasticity, and overall skin texture.

Learn more about PDO Smooth Thread here

Just like other skin problems, adult acne and acne scars cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why at GMA, we look at each patient’s skin, lifestyle, and daily routine to create a custom treatment plan. In some cases, combining different treatments at a custom duration & number of sessions will generate the most optimal results for our patients. 


If you are struggling with adult acne and stubborn acne scarring, we are here to help. Book a free consultation with us today!

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