Enlarged pores is one of the most common skin concerns we face here at GMA.

While we may not be able to get rid of them, we can definitely reduce their appearance. We would love to help by educating and providing some of the simplest yet useful daily skincare tips and habits that work to minimize enlarged pores and promote softer, smoother and more youthful looking skin!


What are Enlarged Pores and What are the Main Causes?

In order to reduce the appearance of large pores, it is important to understand what they are, why they are there in the first place and why some patients have larger pores than others. Pores are hair follicles that release oils, sweat and other body toxins. While we all have pores, some of us tend to have larger pores than others for one or more of these common causes:

  1. Excessive sebum production: Those who have oily skin and increased sebum production tend to have larger pore openings to accommodate it.
  2. Acne: The clogging of skin and collection of excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, causes the skin to stretch and swell and thus contributes to the appearance of large pores.
  3. Aging skin & UV Damage: As the skin ages and loses collagen and elastin, the decreased elasticity surrounding the pores will cause them to appear larger.
  4. Genetics: Generally, if you have large pores, chances are someone else in your family also has large pores. Inheriting thick and/or oily skin may also cause large pores.


Tips to Prevent & Shrink Large Pores

1. UV Protection Everyday Regardless of Rain or Shine
Given that one of the major causes of large pores is UV damage which results in premature aging skin, it is crucial that we are well protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2. Feed Skin with Essential Vitamins A, C & E
Incorporate essential vitamins A, C and E in skincare to support the skin’s natural processes and functions, reduce the effects of sun damage and oxidative stress and preserve healthy, youthful-looking skin.

3. Add AHAs & BHAs in Skincare Regimen
Use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid, mandelic acid, and glycolic acid, and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) such as salicylic acid, helps to control oil production, regulate skin renewal cycle, and reduce clogged pores and acne. Keeping pores clear and acne-free will help with the appearance of enlarged pores

4. Exfoliate Skin Twice a Week
To help prevent the collection of dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt in pores, we recommend our patients to exfoliate twice a week. If skin is sensitive, can start with once a week.

5. Cleanse Face Twice a Day
Regardless of skin type, we recommend our patients to cleanse their face day and night and use a cleanser that removes excess dirt and oil without stripping the skin’s natural moisture (which contributes to enlarged pores). For large pores related to oily skin and excessive sebum production, we recommend the use of a gel-based cleanser such as our Environ Sebu Wash. If the skin is normal to dry, we recommend cream-based cleansers such as our Environ Skin Essentia Mild Cleansing Lotion. Avoid cleansers that contain soap or harsh scrubbing agents which may irritate skin and cause pores to appear larger.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Environ skincare products.


6. Moisturise without Clogging Skin
Those who have oily skin may be hesitant to use hydrating serums and moisturisers due to fear of breaking out. However, when the skin is dehydrated, it may cause even more oil production to compensate for moisture loss, which worsens acne conditions.  For oily skin, the key is to use light skincare products that effectively penetrate and support the skin’s natural process in locking in moisture.

7. Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated
We always tell our patients to work the skin from the inside out and that includes hydrating the skin from within. Sufficient water intake, minimum eight glasses a day, is important to help keep body and pores remove toxins, and improve overall complexion.

8. Combine Daily Skincare with GMA Treatments
At GMA, we offer various skin treatments that reduces the appearance of large pores, including Mummy Cool PeelDetoxGlow PeelClear + BrilliantInfini RF MicroneedlingMicroneedling and GMA Bloody Facial.


Please book a complimentary skin assessment and consultation to get expert advice on skincare and treatment plan to improve the appearance of enlarged pores.

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