“I’ve started to notice some dry patches and more apparent fine lines on my face lately. It’s been harder to apply makeup and the makeup just doesn’t sit on the same. My skin is also more red, sensitive and easily irritated. I need your help GMA, what should I do?”.


During the cold winter months, the dry air strips the skin of its natural oils and much needed moisture, leading to a problem many of us face – dehydrated skin.  The truth is, when the seasons change, our skin doesn’t have to change, it can remain beautifully radiant. What should change however, are our little habits and skincare regimen.  Here are some simple yet helpful tips to maintaining hydrated, radiant skin even in the midst of the cold winter days.


1. Avoid Hot Showers and Limit Shower Time

Many of us love taking long hot showers simply because it feels amazing, especially when it is so cold outside. However, the hot water will strip the skin of its natural oils and contribute to dry, itchy skin on the face and body.

2. Use a Humidifier to Prevent Moisture Loss

The dry air steals the moisture from our skin so it helps to force moisture into the environment – by using a humidifier. Keep the humidifier on while you’re sleeping so you don’t have to wake up to dry skin and chapped lips

3. Lower the Heat, Even Just a Little Bit

Staying warm is important, but it may be helpful to lower your thermostat, even just a little bit, as the heat evaporates moisture from your skin.

4. Apply SPF Religiously Regardless of Rain or Shine

Just because you’re indoors more often, it doesn’t mean the UV rays won’t be able to get you as UV-A penetrates through glass windows. Also, snow reflects up to 80% of UV rays so it is just as important to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes in the winter time. For UV protection, we recommend our Elta MD SPF formulations, which are chemical-free mineral sunscreens that also contain antioxidants to neutralize free radicals..

5. Invest in a Warm Scarf to Protect Neck and Face

Wear a big warm scarf that covers your face and your neck when you’re outside so that the cold dry wind won’t be able to damage your skin.

6. Proper Diet that Keeps the Body Hydrated

Eat more fruits and veggies with a high water content such as cucumbers, celery, oranges, berries and pineapples. It is also important to eat foods containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as flaxseeds and fish. Last but not least, drink more water, at least 8 glasses a day.

7. Winterize Your Skincare Regimen

We recommend our patients to book a skin assessment and consultation for customized professional skincare solutions. Here are two of our favourite skincare products perfect for combating dehydration in skin:

  1. PCA Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum. This serum contains a smooth blend of ingredients that provides deep, long-lasting, hydration in the skin. The proprietary blend HA-Pro Complexencourages the skin to create its own hyaluronic acid, resulting in long-term anti-aging and hydration.
  2. Environ Super Moisturiser. In addition to our Environ AVST moisturiser which supports long-term skin health, to target dehydration, we recommend adding a second moisturiser, the Environ Super Moisturiser. This product is enriched with two potent ingredients, Pentavitin® and Revidrate™, which together, regulate natural hydration levels and replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, allowing the skin to be more hydrated, soft and nourished.
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