Why Exfoliate Anyway?
Exfoliation can bring your complexion back to life, taking it from dull and tired to healthy and glowing – but it’s a skin care step that’s often missed entirely or done incorrectly. If you are young and have minimal skin concerns, it is likely you might not need to exfoliate but for the most of us, especially with oily or mature skin types, exfoliation sloughs away build-up to reveal healthier skin underneath and allow for greater absorption of the beneficial active ingredients from the rest of your skin care routine.


Our skin undergoes continuous cellular renewal, constantly making new keratinocytes and shedding old ones. And desquamation is the technical name used to describe the skin’s natural shedding process. This is an invisible process naturally done for our skin to stay healthy and retain its barrier function. Skin can only be optimally healthy when it has a normal rate of natural desquamation and exfoliation can help with this.  


For younger skin and healthier skin, cellular renewal averages about 28 days, but it slows with age. When skin is unable to desquamate in a normal manner, the skin will often become scaly, flaky and dehydrated, which then leads to a general thickening of skin, dullness or a premature development of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are ways we can expedite and normalize the shedding process – washing face with facial cleansers, using exfoliants and committing to regular clinical peels and advanced facials. Daily use of sunscreen and a good moisturizer are all ways to encourage healthier skin desquamation.



1. Enhances Absorption of Your Skin Care
There’s no point in applying your luxurious skin care products onto skin that is in desperate need of a scrub. The product will only cling to the old skin cells and simply sit on the surface of the skin, rather than being absorbed by the skin! Exfoliation will get rid of these dead skin cells so your skin can be ready to receive the nutrients you feed them!


2. Unclogs the Pores & Prevents Break Out
Exfoliation removes dirt and debris from the pores, not only your skin care products are now absorbed better, you’ll also prevent whiteheads and blackheads and help reduce acne!


3. Smoother Skin Tone and Texture
Tired of dried, patchy and bumpy skin? Exfoliation helps to smooth the skin beautifully and will even out uneven tone and texture for baby soft skin


4. It Stimulates Collagen Synthesis
Regular exfoliation and massaging the skin also helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve the skin’s texture, integrity, and keep the skin looking plump, tight, and young. It‘ll also help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


5. Leaves your Complexion Luminous
Regular exfoliation will promote a beautiful, radiant glow that will leave you feeling glowy, healthy and radiant.


There are different types of exfoliants. Physical exfoliants commonly contain ingredients like sugar, salt, nut shells, or jojoba beads that manually abrase the skin. Physical exfoliants also include washcloths, sponges, and cleansing brushes. This type of exfoliant is best suited for thick and dull skin as they can boost circulation to brighten a tired complexion.  Chemical exfoliators come in various forms, including cleansers, toners, serums, masks and peels. The hero ingredients in these exfoliants are acids (alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids) or fruit enzymes that contain no physical beads or granules. They work to dissolve dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface.


Here are the 2 exfoliating products that we love at GMA!

PCA Skin Daily Exfoliant

A gentle exfoliant that removes impurities and polishes away dead skin cells to reveal radiant, younger-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Environ Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque

Also known as the “Facelift in a Jar”, this masque is formulated with three powerful alpha hydroxy acid – Asiatic, Lactic and Mandelic – to rejuvenate and revive the skin. It improves the overall appearance of ageing skin and leaves the skin feeling smoother and looking younger with a healthy radiance.

Did you know you can also get that radiant glow with GMA’s in-clinic treatments? Both of our DetoxGlow and Mummy Cool Peel are the ideal treatment to gently exfoliate the skin and promote a clearer, brighter complexion.


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