What is Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is characterized by patches of skin that are darker than your natural colour such as melasma, sun spots, freckles, and liver spots. There are many causes of hyperpigmentation, including hormones, sun exposure, genetic makeup and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Melanin is what gives theskin its colour and is produced by specialized skin cells called melanocytes. We all have approximately the same number of melanocytes in our skin, but what determines our skin colour is the amount of melanin produced.Hyperpigmentation is a result of an increase in the production of melanin.



Sun Exposure and Hyperpigmentation
The number one culprit of hyperpigmentation is the sun. In fact, sun exposure is responsible for 80% of visible signs of aging.  When our skin is exposed to UV light, melanin is naturally produced to shield andprotect ourskin from sun damage. This explains why we tan and develop sun spotswhen we are under the sun for too long. To help prevent hyperpigmentation, we highly recommend applying sunscreens with a SPF of 30 or more on a regular basis.


GMA’s Yellow Beam
Laser can be used to treat hyperpigmentation. This is where laser energy is applied to the treatment area to target and break up unwanted pigment, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the pigment particles.

At GMA, we utilize only proven techniques and technologies to treat hyperpigmentation, one of our featured technology is the Yellow Beam (also known as ProYellow). The Yellow Beam is the industry’s first 577nm pure yellow laser. The 577nm wavelength has the highest absorption in blood, making itthe most effective laser at treating pigmented and vascular lesions. Unlike other lasers, this laser is also safe for darker skin types. This technology is very popular attop plastic surgery and dermatologyclinics in Beverly Hills and is used by famous doctors like Jason Emer and Paul Nassif. Currently, the Grand Medical Aesthetics is the only clinic that offers this medical-grade laser in Markham.


GMA’s Solution to Hyperpigmentation
At GMA, treatment plans are customized to ensure optimal results. We build a plan based on the patient’s personal circumstances, such as the depth and size of the pigment, the patient’s skin type, whether the individual is prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation etc.

In addition to our Yellow Beam, we have other effective treatments that may help you, such as our PCA Perfecting Chemical Peel, Skin Food Vitamin Infusion Therapies and REVIV Vitaglow.


To learn more about our treatments, please contact GMA for a consultation.

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