5 Tips For Beautiful Holiday Glow This Season

Do you know what makes people glow during the holidays? Is it because a special magic dust settles on them? Is it because they get a secret gift? Not exactly. It’s about implementing an essential skincare routine designed for these colder months and it’s about taking care of our skin and body from the inside out. 

Let us give you 5 helpful tips that can prepare your skin to glow this holiday season!

Tip #1: Hydration, hydration, hydration 

Every winter without fail, Canada is often faced with harsh weather conditions such as cold winds and temperatures dropping into the negatives which can take a big toll on your skin. Hydration (from the inside out) is one of the main key factors to keeping you healthy and your skin radiant. 

As essential as it is to push fluids regularly by drinking plenty of water, you should consider skincare supplements such as Bend Beauty Collagen Powder and Bend Beauty Renew & Protect, paired with our favourite PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum and Environ Super Moisturiser. 

Tip #2: Start your collagen induction advanced treatments early

Collagen induction can help boost your natural production of collagen and elastin to help reveal healthier, smoother skin. As we naturally age, we tend to lose these structural proteins year by year which eventually causes fine lines and wrinkles to show. 

Our TWO most popular treatments to help boost collagen production and rejuvenate the skin with little to no downtime are Picosure Pro Laser Facial and the Glass Skin Booster. 

While recovery time is minimal for these treatments with very little downtime, we recommend to always book 3-4 weeks before your planned Holiday event as you may experience mild redness, swelling and skin sensitivity within the first few days after the procedure. We strongly advise you to always remember to wear sunscreen at all times pre and post procedure.

Tip #3: Sunscreen at all times & also cover neck & chest

On the topic of sunscreen, we want to remind you that just because you can’t see the sun – it doesn’t mean it’s not there! While staying hidden, the sun (in particular, UVA rays) can still penetrate through the clouds and the rays can reflect on the snow hitting your skin. No matter how great your skincare routine is, never skip SPF regardless of rain or shine.

Protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays by not only applying it on your face but on your neck, chest, hands and anywhere else that may not be covered by clothing. Keeping your skin protected from the sun will ensure to keep your skin healthy and youthful even throughout these colder months. 

We recommend the EltaMD® UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 as it not only protects your skin from UVA/UVB but also has hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention and antioxidant protection to help combat skin-aging free radicals.

Tip #4: Advanced facials such as Hydraglow, Hollywood Express Facials

In need of an instant glow-up but don’t have a lot of time this holiday? Achieve flawless skin by booking an advanced facial at GMA Clinic right before your holiday events. Our Hydraglow and Hollywood Express Facials can nourish the skin and provide an instant glow within 45 – 60 minutes.

Our facials are always customized and effectively treat a variety of skin types and conditions. In addition to an instant glow, with a series of treatments, both the Hydaglow (60-minute) and Hollywood Express Facial (45-minute) can target and improve various skin concerns and promote long-term skin health. 

Tip #5: Watch your diet & your salt consumption

Last but not least, be more conscious of what you eat – especially your salt intake. While most dishes require salt to help bring out aromas and balance flavours, foods that are high in salt can cause water retention and have a negative impact on your skin. Excessive salt intake can lead to your skin swelling up and the appearance of puffy eyes. It can also pull water from your cells and skin – resulting in dehydration and making your skin more susceptible to wrinkling. 

While we don’t suggest skipping salt all together, you can choose to cut back by downsizing your portions, choosing low-sodium options for condiments, saying no to processed foods, limiting your take-out orders and looking for substitutions when adding flavours to your dishes (fresh herbs and spices can be great alternatives to salt). 

If you’re looking to achieve a radiant glow and make head turns this holiday season or if you are struggling with a skin condition or concern, book a consultation with one of our GMA Skin Experts and get a customized treatment plan designed for your unique skin. 


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