Maintain healthy & youthful skin during cold season with these 4 treatments

Pumpkin spice latte season is here! Fall and Winter can be exciting as they bring fun festivities, cozy vibes and romantic weather but they can also bring dry, dull and itchy skin. With our skin always exposed to environmental changes, transitioning from hot and humid to chilly and dry can take a huge toll on our skin. 

Just as our wardrobe will change and adapt with the temperatures dropping, it is also a great time to up our skincare and treatment game to protect, strengthen and beautify our skin. Here at GMA, we want to ensure your skin is prepared and ready to take on the colder months. Let’s take a look at the top 4 treatments that our patients are raving about this season & why you might need it too!

Glass Skin Booster

The glowing glass skin trend has been very popular in Korea and other parts of Asia for over a decade and is finally making headway here in North America. Having ‘glass skin’ often refers to the skin looking dewy, delicate and pore-less due to the skin being so healthy and hydrated.

Our famous GMA Glass Skin Booster can help you achieve that glowy-looking & radiant skin, all seasons long. This injectable treatment offered at GMA Clinic involves precise delivery of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, Botox and other anti-aging ingredients into the mesodermal layer under the skin where topical skincare cannot reach. 

Glass Skin Booster is at the top of our list for many good reasons such as providing deep, long-lasting hydration to target dry and dehydrated skin, reviving dull and tired-looking skin and is a great overall antiaging and facial rejuvenation. This injectable facial is perfect for anyone whose skin needs a “pick-me-up” of hydration during cold & dry seasons. For maximum results, we recommend a series of 3 initial sessions at a 3 – 4 weeks internal.

Pico Pro Facial 

You probably have heard about the amazing power of Picosure laser technology before. Get ready to be even more impressed with the new & more powerful Picosure Pro at GMA Clinic. This powerful laser delivers 755nm energy in picoseconds, this delivery in itself is so rapid that it spares the skin from any high thermal damage while targeting unwanted pigment, wrinkles, acne scars and pores. 

So why do we call it “Pico Pro Facial”?

Because this treatment does not only offer the amazing power of treating hyperpigmentation but also the benefits of overall facial rejuvenation. Besides the sun damage and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that could be unavoidable during summer seasons, as we transition into the Fall and Winter seasons, our skin can also suffer from environmental stressors which can lead to a decrease in collagen and elastin levels, degenerated skin that overproduces melanin and low activity of epidermal cellular turnover.

The Pico Pro Facial tackles all these skin concerns while ensuring your skin looks renewed, healthy and clear with minimal downtime. The perfect facial to revitalize your skin during these colder months.

Clear + Brilliant 

Did you know that Clear + Brilliant treatment is a Hollywood secret that has also been loved by many of GMA’s patients?

It is a gentle and non-invasive fractional laser to help reverse the visible signs of aging and improves your skin’s overall health leaving your skin feeling smoother and giving you a more radiant glow. It is no wonder that this treatment is often sought out in Hollywood amongst the celebrities calling it the “Red Carpet Facial”. 

What are other reasons to love Clear + Brilliant?

This treatment offers a non-ablative skin rejuvenation that has little to no downtime. It can be as quick as 20-minutes (depending on the patient) and is designed to help maintain a youthful glow. If you are looking for a treatment that offers more than superficial results such as microdermabrasion & peels but are not ready for high-intensity laser skin resurfacing or rejuvenation with lengthy downtime, especially during the winter’s holiday season, Clear + Brilliant can be an ideal candidate.

Hollywood Express Facial 

On the topic of celebrities, one of GMA’s most popular facial treatments is our Hollywood Express Facial. This advanced treatment combines two patented technologies, low-frequency sonophoresis and pulsed iontophoresis to deliver the essential vitamins and ingredients deep into the skin. 

While we encourage our patients to have the proper skincare routine in place for these colder months to help maintain healthier skin, the penetration of the active ingredients from skincare products is limited and remains sitting on the top layers of your skin. The combination with your skincare routine and regular Hollywood Express Facials can help maximize the absorption of active ingredients in the skin for a more optimal result.

If Glass Skin Booster, Pico Pro Facial & Clear + Brilliant offer more targeted problems such as dull skin, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture & skin tightening, the Hollywood Express Facial is your go-to, stable advanced facial treatment that can be done in between other treatments or right before a special event this Fall & Winter. 

At GMA, we believe that getting old is inevitable but looking old is optional. It is never too early to start taking your skincare to the next level with our advanced treatments and it’s never too late to ask any of our GMA skin experts to get a customized treatment plan for your skin concerns. 

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