Firing lasers into your body sounds very intimidating at first, even if it’s to treat something as tiny as body hair. But really, treatments for laser hair removal in Richmond hill are very safe—especially the way we do things at The Grand.



Do you really burn off my hair?

Laser hair treatments do not “burn off” hair.

What happens is that a high-power diode laser emits a concentrated pulse of light, which penetrates several millimeters into the skin to reach the hair’s root. This laser is specially calibrated to be at a wavelength easily absorbed by melanin, the chemical that colors skin and hair, and convert it into heat.

This heat damages the hair follicles and the area immediately surrounding it. The existing hair falls off, either immediately or eventually, and the damaged follicle is then inhibited from growing additional hair.


What are the risks associated with laser hair removal?

Skin irritation is a common side effect of laser hair removal. The affected area may experience minor redness and swelling, but this is temporary and the symptoms disappear within several hours.

A few extreme cases develop scarring and blisters as a result of the procedure, which is caused by the laser-induced heat.

Keep in mind that most clinics that offer laser hair removal in Richmond Hill, including the Grand, take extra measures to protect our patients from risk and side effects. Our hair removal treatment procedures make use of skin-cooling elements that lower the temperature of the targeted skin layers immediately before each laser pulse. This drastically reduces the likelihood of any skin irritation, blisters or scars.

In addition, our special SmoothPulse treatment mode makes the laser pulse virtually painless. This is ideal for sensitive or nervous patients, who want to make sure their treatments go as smoothly as possible.


If you have any other misgivings about laser hair removal in Richmond Hill, call the Grand and let us ease your mind.

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