Many clinics offer laser hair removal in Markham, but do you know how and why it works?



How laser hair removal works

Lasers are focused beams of highly concentrated light. A laser hair removal device uses lasers that are set to a wavelength that is easily absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is found in plentiful amounts within your hair. As the melanin absorbs the laser energy, it heats up to the point where it damages the hair follicle within it. This damage disables the hair follicle and discourages future growth.

This process is repeated for each hair follicle until the entire patch of skin in the desired area has been treated. The darker, thicker, and denser the hair, the more heat is produced. Because the laser only targets melanin, only hair and hair follicles are damaged in the process. Regular skin is not damaged or harmed at all. The laser is only active for a fraction of a second per pulse, which also prevents unwanted damage to the skin.

Most of the hair in the treated area falls off almost immediately. However, those that are not normally fall out over a period of a few weeks.


Is laser hair removal dangerous?

The biggest risk a laser hair removal procedure would give is the overheating of the skin. However, at The Grand all of our treatment procedures use a powerful skin-cooling element that cools the most superficial skin layers right before a laser pulse is applied. The lower temperature prevents the untargeted area from being damaged, and also soothes the patient and increases their comfort level.

The Grand, the provider of the most effective laser hair removal in Markham, makes use of a special state-of-the-art laser whose wavelength is easily absorbed by melanin, but has a low absorption rate for water. The end result is a safer treatment with fewer side effects, and more effective treatment of dark skin types with low risk of hyperpigmentation.


If you have any concerns about laser hair removal treatment, contact one of our experienced staff members and we will answer all of your questions and more.

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