One of the biggest concerns we come across here at GMA are fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve got some skincare tips to help you smooth out these problems down the line – we’re going to teach you the importance of prevention and how to keep your skin looking as rejuvenated as possible!


Why is this always the number one tip? Because it’s true! The biggest thing you can do to prevent wrinkles, early signs of aging and skin cancer is to wear SPF. When you are out, we recommend reapplication of SPF every 2-3 hours in addition to sunglasses and hats! Elta MD’s SPF 40 is an all-star pick for us as it hydrates and protects the skin from the sun, while being versatile and compact to take along with you for the day.

Our skin needs to eat healthy as much as we do. You’d be surprised at what a big difference it can make when you maintain a skincare regimen full of vitamins, antioxidants and active ingredients. Vitamin A is a superstar in the skincare industry, it has the ability to repair cellular damage and normalize the function of skin cells, enabling them to behave in a younger and healthier way. It helps improve problematic skin and normalize the appearance of pigmentation. Vitamin A is also an amazing anti-aging ingredient because it assists in the production of healthy collagen and elastin, smoothing out fine lines and making your skin look visibly younger!

There’s a misconception that Botox is used solely to soften existing wrinkles, but did you know it’s also an amazing method of wrinkle prevention? Botox strategically targets specific muscles, relaxing the muscle to give you a more well-rested and youthful appearance. When these muscles are used less, less wrinkles and fine lines are produced over time. In the long run, it helps smooth out fine lines and is one of the most sought out preventative treatments on the market!

Staying on top of your daily water in-take is a key essential to good health. However, it’s hard to hydrate your skin relying solely on water intake. It’s important to build your skincare regimen around products that give our skin the tools it needs to do a better job at maintaining sufficient moisture levels. One of our Best Seller’s that we cannot get enough of is PCA Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum – it’s amazing at retaining moisture and increasing hydration, plumping and firming the skin throughout the day. When skin is more hydrated and plump, less wrinkles are formed in the long run!