We all know lines, creases and wrinkles on the face are a natural part of the ageing process, but there are ways to prevent them (at least for as long as we can) to prolong a youthful appearance. The key to wrinkle prevention is starting early and maintaining healthy skin full of nutrition, moisture and collagen.


So, what exactly should you be doing now?




1. Stay Hydrated & Moisturize Daily

“Water is your skin’s best friend!” This sounds like a broken record, but hydration is key to solving many skin (and health) issues. Drinking enough water on a daily basis keeps your skin looking hydrated and healthy from the inside out. At the same time, it is important to hydrate the skin with topical skincare ingredients like low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to bind and retain moisture levels within the skin. When the skin is more hydrated and plump, it helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


2. Use Retinoids Regularly

It’s important to have a regular skin care routine that’s built around our skin type and concerns. Incorporating vitamin A into your skin-care routine helps to normalize the skin’s functions, regulate cellular turnover and stimulates collagen, all of which help to prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely. If you’re new to vitamin A, start at a lower dose in order to get your skin adjusted to the powerful ingredient, like the Environ AVST Step-up system which allows us to work towards optimal levels of a powerful blend of essential vitamins, peptides, botanical extracts and antioxidants.


3. Never Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen is actually the number one way of preventing ageing of young skin. You must use sunscreen every single day of the year, not just when it’s sunny. Find the right one for your skin type and slather on some when you leave the house. Elta MD has a full array of broad-spectrum sun protection for every skin type, from dry to dehydrated, to oily and acne prone.


4. Regular Advanced Facials

Regular facial visits are essential. They not only clean out the grime in your pores and prevent congestion, but also work hard to prevent premature ageing of your skin. A Vitamin Infusion Treatment like the Hollywood Facial is an advanced therapy that delivers essential vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and hydration deep into the dermis of skin, where the skin needs it most.  The skin will get all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy, supple and resilient! Other in-clinic treatments like microneedling, or the Clear & Brilliant Laser also promote collagen production to fight wrinkles.


5. Try preventative BOTOX!!

Botox and other neurotoxin-based injectables are highly effective at preventing and smoothing away wrinkles. Injectable wrinkle reducers work by relaxing muscles under the skin. It specifically prevents dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles caused by muscle movements, typically include lines around the sides of your mouth, horizontal lines across the forehead, crow’s feet, and the lines on the nose. The neuromodulator results typically last three to four months.  The procedure is merely painless and takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. You’ll start noticing a difference within a few days and results will peak by about 10 to 14 days.


6. Overall Health = Skin Health

Being the largest organ, skin concerns are connected to internal health concerns. Skincare is an extension of a holistic, balanced lifestyle, and diet.  Unhealthy diets that are high in sugar and junk will naturally accelerate the ageing process. On the other hand, foods that are rich in antioxidants like leafy green vegetables, fruits, avocados, berries and salmon that fight ageing inside out and also minimize cell damage. Taking oral skincare supplements, Like Bend Anti-Aging formula, can also help fill in the gaps if your diet is lacking micronutrients.


Find out what GMA can do to help you kick start your antiaging regimen. Contact us for a complementary virtual consultation today!


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