Pigments can be our worse enemy—brown patches, marks, dark spots and an overall uneven skin tone—can be caused by excessive sun exposure, hormone imbalances, inflammation and sometimes injury to the skin. It most commonly appears on the face, neck and décolletage. This condition is also notoriously difficult to treat.

While each skin is different, generally, those with fair skin are more prone to sun-induced pigment and others with olive complexions can be more susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from breakouts and injury. Women who are pregnant, who take the oral contraceptive pill, or who are on hormone therapy are more likely to suffer from hormone induced pigmentation such as melasma.  What’s important to know is that the tendency to develop hyperpigmentation represents an ongoing risk (especially with internal factors such as hormonal imbalances and genetic component), and therefore requires ongoing control.



Though aging is a natural process, certain habits and conditions can significantly accelerate it, causing premature aging signs to Using the right active ingredients in your day-to-day skincare products and your in-clinic treatments. Here are some gold standard ingredients that we recommend which are proven to help combat our skin’s worst enemy, hyperpigmentation:


1. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C):
Fights against free radical caused by UV exposure and stimulate natural collagen production and brightens skin tone. The Environ Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream is a special oil soluble vitamin C infused cream which helps to create a luminous skin that has an even radiant glow.

2. Niacinamide (vitamin B3):
Gentle for sensitive skin and enhances DNA repair in UV damaged skin. This ingredient helps to reduce inflammation and discolouration.

3. Licorice Extract:
Inhibits the production of an enzyme needed to produce melanin (pigment) in the skin, helps remove excess melanin, has anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Kojic Acid:
A natural fungi derivative that inhibits the production of melanin in the skin (can also be found in the Cosmelan Peel System).

5. Alpha-Arbutin:
Arbutin is one of the main ingredients in the Environ Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion. It is an extract from the bearberry plant that has skin-brightening properties which interferes with activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme is our skin needed to produce melanin in the skin. An excellent ingredient for treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), melasma and persistent liver spots and sun damages.

6. Glycolic Acid:
A mild acid aids in skin clarity and brightness that also works as an exfoliant. Great for acne-prone, discoloration and dull skin.

7. Retinoids:
Retinoids, also knows as Vitamin A works by increasing cell turnover and reduce pigment production in the skin. It works by inhibiting tyrosinase and promoting epidermal turnover. Check out our favorite vitamin A based skin care, The Environ AVST Step-Up program.

8. Azelaic Acid:
Azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that’s synthesized by yeast naturally. It helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne marks.

9. Geranium Robertianum (Herb Robert) Extract (Princess care):
Cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract works against photoaging by inhibiting tryptase activity, at the same time improves skin elasticity. This amazing ingredient can also be found in the Environ Vita-Botanical Mela-Fade Serum.

10. Phytic Acid:
A mild AHA that is full of antioxidant and helps promote exfoliation via increasing skin cell turnover.


Want to improve your hyperpigmentation? Then You Need to Know About Cosmelan Peel System!

The Cosmelan Peel System is a professional depigmentation system that is designed to eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation including sun exposure, inflammation, hormonal influences, exposure to chemicals, photosensitizing medication, aging and genetic tendency. This system uses a unique blend of ingredients, including azelaic acid, kojic acid, phytic acid, retinol, vitamin C and more to help suppress pigmentation and exfoliate surface staining.

The Cosmelan Peel System works to reverse the effects of aging and photodamaged skin, while unifying the skin tone and promoting healthy skin that shines with a beautiful radiance. When used in conjunction with energy-based treatments, such as Yellowbeam Laser or Clear and Brilliant Laser, it can reduce the risk of the post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation and enhance the treatment result. It is especially suitable for those with darker skin types and mixed ethnicities. This system is excellent for treating melasma, facial redness and discoloration, sun damages, PIH and improves skin tone and brightens up the overall complexion.


Want to know more about safe, result-driven treatments for hyperpigmentation? Contact us to schedule an online or in-person consultation!


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