IV fluids aren’t just for the emergency room. IV therapies can also be used for general wellness and revitalization. And of the companies that offer IV infusion, Markham’s very own GMA clinic is proud to work with the best in the world: REVIV.




What is REVIV?

REVIV is the world’s leading IV infusion company. It was founded by a group of board-certified physicians who have over forty years of collective first-hand experience in treating dehydration and low energy levels in patients. As a company, REVIV has successfully administered over 50,000 IV infusions across 200 global locations, including Toronto, London, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong.


What does REVIV provide?

Oral consumption of vitamins isn’t efficient, as much of the nutrients are lost during the digestion process. Intravenous infusion and injection of the vitamins straight into the blood allows for 100% absorption nutrients for maximum efficiency.

While IV solutions and technology aren’t new, the IV formulas that are used to hydrate and energize patients see constant innovation. That’s where REVIV has made its mark: with solutions that do everything from immunity support to anti-aging to hangover relief.

Prominent public figures of all types have realized the benefits of IV therapy: from TV celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell to athletes like Eric Young Jr (NY Mets) and UFC Champion T.J. Dillashaw. All have realized the benefits of IV therapy and have chosen the REVIV brand.

And now, the world’s best IV infusion is in Markham for you to take full advantage.


Visit GMA clinic to experience the power of IV infusion first-hand.

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