Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell are all experiencing the rejuvenating effects of IV therapy, but you don’t have to live in Los Angeles to get the same benefits. You can also get IV therapy in Richmond Hill courtesy of the professional aestheticians at The Grand.

The actual IV therapy treatment you get at GMA isn’t too different from what you get in hospitals. A professionally formulated infusion of key vitamins and nutrients is injected into your body, either through a slow IV drip or a faster direct injection. This is done to improve the absorption rate of the micronutrients that is far beyond that of simple digestion. The key difference is our partnership with REVIV, the world’s leading IV infusion provider.



Reviv is founded by a group of Board Certified Physicians with a combined forty years of first-hand experience in treating dehydration and low energy levels.  With a range of unique and effective IV solution formulas, REVIV has an IV to suit nearly any need and lifestyle, from everyday wellness maintenance, anti–aging skin solution, and energy boosters to detoxifying and cleansing from unhealthy busy lifestyles.

Without question, Reviv delivers the quickest and most efficient way to restore hydration, energy and vitamin deficiencies.  Here are just a few of the most effective IV therapy REVIV offers through The Grand:

Vitaglow Anti-aging infusion
REVIV’s Vitaglow Anti-Aging IV therapy contains a high dose of Glutathione as well as Vitamin C to help detoxify the body from damaging free radicals and improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails.
Glutathione is a master-antioxidant that neutralises toxins and repair cells. It is known for its skin brightening properties to lighten up our complexions. It also prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals within your body, cleanses vital organs and helps fight age-related diseases and ailments. This rejuvenating infusion gives your body and skin a quick refreshment to help stop time in it’s tracks.

Royal Flush Deluxe

This deluxe IV therapy formula delivers 2 liters of hydrating fluid overflowing with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and electrolytes. It’s one of the most popular options for those recovering from extreme hangovers, food poisoning, colds, or even just extreme exhaustion.


This IV therapy is the top choice of athletes who need to hydrate before any exhausting athletic activity or need quick post-activity hydration and recovery. It promotes optimal athletic performance without any of the medical or legal risk associated with performance-enhancing drugs.


You can find more options for IV therapy at Richmond Hill’s premier aesthetic care facility: The Grand. Visit us today!


* Additional Glutathione Push can be combined with any IV treatment to reach your ultimate wellness goal.

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